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Tulkarem Romania

Bucharest based vascular clinic, medical themed client.

Realising that the future of marketing and the place where the patients will look for the best medical clinics and doctors, the owner of The Tulkarem Clinic hired us to create him a new on-line presence.

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Project Description

We started from zero and the client wanted a new site, new business cards and new social media accounts ready with in one month. We created the content, the SEO, made professional pictures of the whole clinic, created a new, modern, responsive web site using HTML5 and Bootstrap, we created the social media accounts and delivered in time.

Starting with June 2014 we are the digital agency of choice for The Tulkarem Clinic for whom we created over 20 Google Adwords campaings and over 50 Facebook campaings, creating a powerfull on-line brand for this Romanian company. We also provide hosting for the site.

Project Details

Date: 15.06.2014
Client: Tul Karem Company Romania
Tehnology: HTML5 and Bootstrap