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Dentist Titan

A start-up dentist cabinet, Dent Asnan.

The team of DentAsnan needed as any start-up needs a digital agency that will create their online presence and their corporate identity, so they choose Netwiz Web Solutions.

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Project Description

We started by choosing for our client the name of the site which is easy to use, represent the area that he targets and it is also great for SEO, after which we made the picture of the location and of some patients and coded a website which is easy to use, topped the searches on Google for dentist in the area that our client wanted and looks also great.

Beside this our client wanted a custom booking system that will allow to accept, deny or modify any reservation that the patients want while the patients can see the available time slots. We have made this as a custom one of a kind solution and we have implemented it successfully.

Project Details

Date: 18.08.2014
Client: Galaxy Corp